The New Year is here again!

A New Year has rolled around again, and it's time for us to examine what we want to do better, what we want to accomplish, and what (if anything) we want to fix!  As a rabid photographer, there are always aspects of my photography that I want to improve on: getting better white balance, getting more technical skills, and just GETTING OUT MORE!

I've always had one thing that really bugged me when I was out shooting, and that was just stopping when I saw a great shot!  My mind was racing with CAN I stop here, is traffic going to honk, am I trespassing to get THAT shot, etc.  I've missed some very great shots for not just STOPPING on impulse, getting out, and SHOOTING! 

NO MORE!  I resolve to STOPPING whenever the mood or notion strikes me, and just SHOOTING wherever the heck I want to!  I don't care about traffic, I don't care what others may think, and I don't care if I'm trespassing for that shot!  (Well, maybe not too carefree on the last one, but still)

What is your main photography-related Resolution for 2015??  Make it a good one!